Rogue Offshore Fish Artwork Rogue Offshore Fish Artwork


The Artist:
Jason Tison grew up fishing on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida and later in the lakes around Birmingham, Alabama. He also grew up drawing and experimenting with art throughout school and finally put his two passions together and Rogue Offshore was born. His love for fishing grew after his wife and friends brought him to the areas of Orange Beach, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida; this is where he was able to soak up the sun, enjoy the water, and fish nonstop. Although the salt water is far from his home in Birmingham, Jason began to draw catches from his  fishing trips around the Gulf of Mexico, as well as from mackerel tournaments as a SKA member and in the FLW mackerel tournament series. While his friends would call and brag about their catches he continued to draw instead of fish (a very poor substitute.) Today Jason and his wife, Courtland, fish together with their friends and family as much as possible in search of huge fish, good stories, and memories to last a lifetime. Jason hopes that his artwork will help you relive the memories you make on the open water. And remember to always be rogue.